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Initiative to Strengthen the Nursing Training Programs

Local Partner Organization
Ministry of Health, Suriname
COVAB (the central training school for nurses)

Program Overview
The Government of Suriname has adopted a public health approach to HIV/AIDS care and has integrated HIV care into the primary care system. While this approach is effective, it also requires that all health workers are sufficiently educated and trained in HIV/AIDS care. In order to achieve this, the Ministry of Health and COVAB (the central training school for nurses) have invited ICEHA nurse clinical mentors to provide hands-on, practical HIV/AIDS training to the local nurses who will be teaching undergraduate nursing students. ICEHA clinical mentors will be providing a combination of didactic and clinical mentoring training on HIV/AIDS.


  • ICEHA's first clinical mentor volunteers will arrive in Suriname in October 2007.

Clinical Mentor Volunteers Needed

  • RNs and NPs with both academic and clinical experience are needed.
  • The minimum time commitment is 4 weeks; expenses are paid.
  • To apply, visit the “Volunteers” section of our website.