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HIV/AIDS Healthcare Capacity Building:

Clinical Mentoring for HIV Care and Delivery of Antiretroviral Therapy

Local Partner Organization
The Ministry of Health, Seychelles

Program Overview
In the Seychelles (an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar), the first HIV infection was diagnosed in 1987 and the first AIDS case reported in 1992. Although the HIV prevalence rate is still very low (less than 1%), the number of people infected with HIV continues to rise.

ICEHA is collaborating with the Ministry of Health to ensure that local healthcare providers in the Seychelles receive hands-on practical coaching on both clinical HIV care as well as operational systems needed to manage HIV-infected patients.


  • ICEHA's first clinical mentor volunteers will arrive in the Seychelles beginning in 2008.

Clinical Mentor Volunteers Needed

  • Positions available for MDs, RNs, NPs, and PAs.
  • The minimum time commitment is 6 weeks; expenses are paid.
  • To apply, visit the “Volunteers” section of our website.