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Preparation Workshop for HIV / ID Healthcare Providers Interested in Volunteering in Developing Countries

In order to prepare HIV healthcare volunteers to work in resource-poor settings with ICEHA and in order to ensure a consistent level of quality in programs, all volunteers are required to participate in a preparation workshop on the specific skills and attitude needed to work in resource-poor settings.

Content of the Workshop:
The workshops include seminars on a number of subjects pertaining to working in resource-poor settings. The subjects covered include:

  • Review of the HIV pandemic and determinants of successful HIV intervention programs
  • Review of ICEHA’s initiatives and specific role of volunteers
  • WHO treatment guidelines for developing countries
  • Communication skills and clinical mentoring
  • Clinical and operational issues likely to be encountered in developing countries
  • Infection control in developing countries
  • Safety and security in developing countries
  • Current volunteer opportunities with ICEHA

Dates and Locations:
The next workshops will be held on:

Friday, January 23, 2009 in New York City

Friday, March 6, 2009 in London

For more information, or to register for one of these workshops, please e-mail

Upcoming Conference Appearances

ICEHA representatives travel to many conferences each year. Information about the organization and our volunteer opportunities are available at our exhibition booths.

BHIVA Autumn Conference
9-10 October 2008
London, UK
48th Annual ICAAC/IDSA 46th Annual Meeting - October 25-28, 2008 - Washington, D.C
25-28 October 2008
Washington, DC
HIV9 Congress
9-13 November 2008
Glasgow, UK

Speaking Engagements- Dr. Marie Charles

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Brazil: The Overlooked Blueprint for National Scale-Up of HIV Programs
Rapid Skill Building for HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: An Opportunity for Western HIV Healthcare Providers

ICEHA's President, Dr. Marie Charles, speaks regularly about the HIV Pandemic and ICEHA's programs at hospitals, HIV clinics, and conferences. If you are interested in attending one of her talks or arranging a time for her to speak at your organization, please email her at