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ICEHA's Program Model

The International Center for Equal Healthcare Access (ICEHA) is a non profit organization of physicians and nurses who volunteer their expertise on HIV care and infectious diseases to developing countries, in order to equip the local healthcare professionals with the skills needed to take care of their own patients and enable developing countries to fight the HIV epidemic from within. In order to effectively increase access to HIV care and medication, healthcare capacity building needs to be completed at two levels: medical expertise and operational delivery systems.

ICEHA’s programs are based upon the integration of three methods:

  1. A locally relevant HIV teaching curriculum, which ensures that the material taught is pertinent to the resource-level of each particular country.
  2. Workshops, which consist of formal training sessions using the locally relevant teaching curriculum to provide medical expertise to participating physicians and nurses.
  3. On-site coaching using teams of experienced HIV volunteer physicians and nurses to allow the participating local healthcare providers to translate the theoretical knowledge obtained during the workshop sessions into practical expertise. The on-site coaching addresses both clinical expertise as well as operational organization within the clinics.