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Dramatic Impact of your Investment
Where Does My Donation Go?

Where Does My Donation Go?

ICEHA acts at the pivotal point where a small investment will have a huge impact on the world AIDS crisis. Each dollar contributed is leveraged by ICEHA’s clinical mentors who contribute 6 to 12 weeks of their time to coach their counterparts in developing countries on a pro bono basis.

All Funds are Highly Leveraged
Every $1600 spent on recruitment is matched by $3600 provided by developing countries. This, in turn, is matched with $12,000 to $30,000 in-kind contribution by ICEHA clinical mentor volunteers.

Over 90% of all funding is spent directly on building up HIV expertise in developing countries.

8% of all funding supports the operations necessary to coordinate ICEHA's overseas programs such as:

  • continue to expand our network of medical volunteers
  • cover basic expenses involved with sending volunteers to developing countries for up to three months
  • expand into the many countries that request our assistance with increased urgency as they now have the funds to buy the medications, yet are lacking trained doctors and nurses
  • ensure coordination between our volunteers and our partners in developing countries

To join ICEHA's efforts to build strong local healthcare systems with properly trained physicians and nurses equipped to handle the HIV/AIDS epidemic from within click here.