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Employer Matching Gifts

Employer Matching Gifts

Maximize your donation to ICEHA by having your employer match your gift.

What is a matching gift?

Increasingly, employers are willing to match charitable contributions made by their employees. This allows you to double the contribution you make to ICEHA. From the business’s perspective, matching gifts allows employees to drive the charitable spending of the business. Check with your human resources department to see if a matching gifts program is offered through your employer.

How does it work?

Find out whether your employer has a matching gift program. Once you have determined that it does, you should receive an application form to fill out. You will fill out one part of the form, and then submit it to the ICEHA with your donation. We will then fill out the second part of the application and return it to your employer. Within a period of three months to one year, your employer will match your gift, according to its policy.

How do I find out if ICEHA falls within my employer’s guidelines?

Each company or foundation has its own guidelines for eligible charities. To find out more, ask your Human Resources personnel for a Matching Gift Program application form and information on your employer’s guidelines for participating charities.