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ARV Scale-up and Provision of Comprehensive Care for HIV-infected Patients

Maitama, Nigeria

Program Overview

In 2003, ICEHA was invited to develop an ARV scale-up program in Maitama, Nigeria. The program includes training local healthcare providers in comprehensive HIV care for patients as well as the set-up of operational systems within clinics that will enable HIV care to be delivered.

During the project, ICEHA’s volunteer teams will work at each identified site for periods of three months at a time over a total duration of 12 months. The teams will:

  1. Provide hands-on HIV/AIDS training to local healthcare providers with an emphasis on ARV therapy. The training will be carried out using a combination of an HIV teaching curriculum specific for Nigeria, bedside teaching methods, weekly teaching conferences within the hospital, and regional workshops.

  2. Set up the management system as a necessary component for the provision of care to HIV-infected patients in need of treatment for opportunistic diseases and/or in need of antiretroviral treatment. This includes setting up patient record-keeping systems, patient monitoring and treatment adherence systems, and an ARV stock management system.

This program is an international collaborative effort between the Gede AIDS and Infectious Disease Research Institute, ICEHA, and Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.