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Partners in Developing Countries
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Partners in Developing Countries

All requests for assistance for ICEHA’s clinical mentor volunteers originate within developing countries. ICEHA does not open country offices but rather forms close partnerships with local organizations which become responsible for coordinating local logistics and program management within the countries. Most often, the local organization is the official “face” of ICEHA within their country borders. These partners are critical to ensuring the success of ICEHA.


Family Health International (FHI)
Family Health International (FHI) is a leader among nonprofit international public health organizations, managing research and field activities in more than 70 countries to meet the public health needs of some of the world's most vulnerable people.

ICEHA is working with FHI in Cambodia, Nepal, and Vietnam.

Right to Care (RTC)
Right to Care is a South African non-profit, Section 21 company specialising in HIV disease management. The company was registered in January 2001. Right to Care provides innovative, expert treatment for HIV and AIDS and believes that individuals have the right to access antiretroviral therapy and that we have the right to deliver this treatment safely and effectively.

ICEHA is working with RTC in South Africa.

Foundation for Professional Development (FPD)
FPD is a South African health sector educational and development organisation established in October 1997 by the South African Medical Association. In 2000 FPD was registered as a separate legal entity (registration no. 2000/002641/07).

ICEHA is working with FPD in South Africa.

National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS in Nepal (NAP+N)
NAP+N was established in March 2003 after the first national consultation of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA). NAP+N has focused on building the capacity of local PLHA groups to respond appropriately to the needs of PLHAs in the area of advocacy, care and support, counseling, raising community awareness, providing information and education and improving access to the healthcare and legal services.

ICEHA is working with NAP+N in Nepal.

Healthnet TPO
HealthNet TPO is a knowledge-driven, non-profit organization that works in areas disrupted by war, disasters and poverty. Working together with local populations, Healthnet TPO channels emergency aid into sustainable health care development.

ICEHA is working with Healthnet TPO in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan.

Highland Education Development Organization
HEDO is a Vietnam charitable organization working for developing education, health care, and science in remote mountainous provinces focusing on charity fundraising to implement community & child care, hunger eradication & poverty reduction, prevention-of-drug-abuse-and-disease projects especially for poorest ethnic minority people.

ICEHA is working with HEDO in Vietnam.

National Centre for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology, and STDs (NCHADS)
The National Centre for HIV/AIDS Dermatology and STDs (NCHADS) was established in 1998 following the amalgamation of the National Aids Programme (NAP) and the National STD and Dermatology Clinic. Since then, its primary purpose has been to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Cambodia through the implementation of HIV/AIDS Strategic Plans.

ICEHA is working with NCHADS in Cambodia.

The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative
The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) strives to make treatment for HIV/AIDS more affordable and to implement large-scale integrated care, treatment, and prevention programs.

ICEHA has worked with CHAI in Ethiopia, Lesotho and Rwanda.

WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
The WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific leads the response to public health issues in this region.

ICEHA has worked with the WHO in Kiribati.